about Jordan - by Brother, Andy Fawcett

Jordan Lynn Fawcett was the most amazing special girl that has ever touched this earth. She was a loving daughter to Dave and Deb Fawcett, and amazing friend to anybody that entered her life. But most of all she was a little sister, more like a best friend, that always had her brother's back and supported him in every decision he made. She always had good advice for him and she never thought poor of his final decision, even if it wasn't her advice. I am the luckiest man on this earth, and I am Jordan's big bro. Besides Jordan's undying love for her family and friends she still had a love just as strong for her sports. Jordan played them all; she played basketball, volleyball, soccer, she ran track and cross country, and she ripped up the hills on her speedy fast skis both in races and with her friends.
Jordan has touched so many people the little time she has been on this earth. If Jordan could have done one more thing it probably would have been passing the ball to her Grey Highland's basketball teammate Heather Richardson to shoot the game winning basket. Jordan loved everyone and could find the best in everyone.
Jordan Lynn Fawcett we all know you can hear us when we say "We always loved you, and always will love you". I can still hear her say "Go Getem Bro-ther. Remember to smile!" That is what Jordan wants all of us to do- SMILE AND LOVE EACH OTHER.