about Jordan - by Principal, Leigh Morris

Dear Deb, Dave and Andy,
I decided to write this card after the service so I could share a memory of Jordan with you. She left a wonderful legacy as a role model for others. When I first came to Beavercrest there was a huge problem with bullying. Jordan was instrumental in helping me turn the school climate into a safe and positive one during that first year. I often asked her to help me as we worked out issues between students. Her positive influence helped students to see that kindness matters and everyone is capable of changing if they are supported. She made a difference.
The strangest thing happened last night. I was sitting my hot tub and I looked up at the starry sky and said, "Jordan where are you and why did it happen?" At that moment I saw a lovely shooting star as if in answer to my question. Then this thought immediately was heard in my heart. "I am here to help all the kids who have been bullied and hurt by others. I am teaching them how to love themselves and have fun. You know I always wanted to be a teacher." I must admit I started to tear up at that moment. Both relief and hope that I knew God had a plan for her. Being a teacher/principal is a gift, as you are lucky enough to get to know people like Jordan. I just wanted you to know how much she mattered to me.
Fondly, Leigh Morris