about Jordan - by Mom, Debbie Fawcett

Wow, who knew that one individual could touch or impact so many lives in just 15 short years! We are overwhelmed, flabbergasted, speechless with all the love and support surrounding us. It's like the world stopped to celebrate Jordan's life. In my presentations, I always share my vision of wanting to make a difference in people's lives, and clearly Jordan was listening. Heck, not only was she listening... she did it better than me!
Our little Princess was taken so early, but we want to share with you that she leaves us with no regrets. We wouldn't have done anything different, not one thing. Dave and I chose to work at home so we could be there for our kids. It was important to us that we shared dinner every night as a family, so we did. We went to all of Jordan's sports games and cheered her on. We supported her in her education and goals, and anything else she chose to take on. We enjoyed family vacations, from skiing in the Rockies and the Laurentians, to the beaches of Cuba, Mexico, Dominican, to touring Eastern Canada and Nova Scotia were I was born. And just recently Jordan and I, along with her school mates and teachers, toured Europe from Paris to Barcelona. Of which she invited me to go with her, on HER school trip. How awesome is that! We are so proud of our JoJo. We couldn't tell her enough. We as parents knew she was an incredible girl, but we must admit we are overwhelmed with the impact she has had on everyone else as well. There is no one overall word that describes Jordan, as she was so much to so many. So we have created this ppt to celebrate all the wonderful gifts Jordan brought to this world.
Jordan just recently mapped out her journey after high school, and told us she was ready to go now to University, "why do I need this grade 12 stuff?"she said. I don't think THIS was in her plan, but I guess it was God's plan. She must have had a higher calling. I know she isn't scared, and I bet she is already passing along some good advice to her new friends in Heaven and making plans right now. Jordan knew life is about choice, and she chose to accept her diagnosis of Epilepsy with bravery. She didn't skip a beat and kept on going like the energy bunny. "It's just a seizure," she would say, "I'll deal with it." The only thing that made her sad about her Epilepsy was not skiing last year. But we were so proud of her because she turned that negative into a positive and choose to work at the ski club instead, and make money for her trip to Paris.
Jordan lived by her values. Before she started high school our family sat down and shared our top 5 values together. Jordan choose; Integrity, Knowledge, Self Respect, Family, Health, and Forgiveness. These values were to help guide us, help us make decisions, help us make good choices. And that she did, Jordan lived by her values and if she slipped, she would think about her values and make adjustments to come back in line.
Jordan knew attitude is everything. We would have attitude checks together, she would tell us when we didn't have a great attitude, and we would tell her. Jordan was open and honest with us, as we were with her. And we thank God every day for our incredibly close relationship we had with her.
Jordan was, and still is our special Angel. One of Jordan's favourite bedtime stories was Baby Angels written by Jane Cowen-Fletcher...
Baby angels watch me wake, follow every move I make.
Baby angels see me climb, stop my tumbles every time.
Baby angels say, "Uh-oh," when I decide it's time to go.
Outside, where I want to be-baby angels follow me!
Angels guard me as I go, then tell the ones who need to know.
Baby angels join my play. But most of all, throughout each day...
Baby angels keep me near those who love and hold me dear.
Jordan is our angel now! We want all Jordan's friends and family wear this Guardian Angel, and when you wear it remember Jordan for the incredible person she is. Let her be your angel, and help guide you through your journey. Let her help you to live by your values, or live by hers if you haven't chosen yours yet. Let her help you make wise choices and help to keep you safe. Also, wear Jordan on your collar and take her with you to all the things she is going to miss. Take her to parties, take her to graduation, take her to your first date and your wedding (she so wanted to wear a wedding dress!!!)
Dear students, we encourage you all to be open and honest with your parents as Jordan was. Dear parents, hug your children often and tell them you love them so you too can live without regret. Dear God, please take care of our little princess, she is one very special girl! Dearest Jordan, we are so incredibly proud of you and we love you more!!!!!