about Jordan - by Friend, Paige McGoldrick

Jordan and I met three years ago through one of our friends. Although we just met, Jordan talked to me as if she had known me my whole life. Instantly she and I became close friends. We would both be on the computer for hours talking about our friends, family, boys and life. Jordan was the one person I would go to if I needed help. She would take the time to listen to my problem and afterwards give me the best and most positive advice I could ever ask for.
When I was in the eighth grade I invited Jordan to watch one of my basketball ball games after school and I was thrilled to see her there cheering me on. When half time came along she took me to the side and gave me some tips to use throughout the game. She made me a better basketball player. A few weeks later she invited me to one of her games. I was blown away from what I was seeing. She was AMAZING at that sport, but not only was she great, she was an encourager, a leader and most importantly my role model.
I was entering high school very soon and Jordan knew I was nervous about it. She invited me to her house one day and said, "Paige, there is nothing to be nervous about because I will be there in case you get lost!" She also read me the booklet from the high school and explained everything I needed to know.
When I entered high school we were both so excited to be seeing each other every day! A few months into the year she and I drifted apart. We both realized we had a completely different group of friends and different schedules. At times I regret what happened, I wish we could have been close like we were before, but I know Jordan would not want me to live my life with regrets. I thank her every day for being in my life and for making me the person I am today.
I wake up every morning seeing the beautiful picture of Jordan on my night stand and I put on her angel. I will always remember the memories we shared from making awful rainbow pancakes for breakfast to watching Friends on her comfy bed late at night while eating junk food. Those memories will always be with me. I love and miss you to the moon and back Jordan Lynn Fawcett.
Love always,
Paige McGoldrick.